Bream Bay College Routes

Bream Bay College Routes


This route services the area south west of Waipu including Brooks Rd and Finlayson Brook Road

Langs Beach

This route services Langs Beach and Langs Cove.


This services the area south of Waipu, including Massey Road and Harwood Road.


This route services the area east of Waipu including Mountfield Road, Millbridge Road, Millbrook Road and Helmsdale Road.

Takahiwai, One Tree Point and Ruakaka

This route services Takahiwai and the eastern part of Ruakaka in the morning before travelling to One Tree Point. It then travels to Ruakaka School.


This route services the area west of Ruakaka School, including SH1 and Prescott Road.

Ruakaka Beach

This route services Ruakaka Beach


This route services the area around Waipu Caves, including Ormiston Road, Mountfield Road and Rosythe Road.


This route services the area around Springfield, including Kukunui Road and Salmon Road. 

One Tree Point

This route services the One Tree Point community.

Route review underway

Routes to anf from one tree point are presently under review. the maps and times shown here are not final.