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About our Group

About our Group

School transport in this district is managed by the Bream Bay Transport Network Group. The Group manages the areas around Ruakaka, One Tree Point, Marsden Point and Mata.

The Ministry of Education provides funding directly to the Group, and with it some very clear expectations about what we can and cannot do with the design of school bus routes. One of the key restrictions is the requirement to provide transport only within the zones of each member school, unless permission has been given by a neighbouring school. For more information on how school transport works please click here.

The Group has outsourced the administration of the school bus operation to EasyBus. Greig Neilson is the Network Manager and it is his responsibility to design bus routes, manage the contract with our bus operator, liaise with the Ministry and provide information to schools and parents. For more information about EasyBus please click here.

The delivery of school bus services is carried out by Ritchies Transport Holdings. Ritchies has a long-standing relationship with the Group and continues to provide an excellent level of service to schools and students.

Route review underway

Routes to anD from one tree point are presently under review. the maps and times shown here are not final.