Emergency route summary – Morning

Emergency route summary – Morning

This page provides a summary of emergency route designs for morning services. This information is for the use of our bus operators and school staff – it is not for public distribution at this time.

WD7 Ormiston
WD2 Langs Beach

Part of WD7 goes to WD8. Run starts from Mountfield Road, 20mins earlier. Second part to Langs Beach starts 15mins later.


WD8 Springfield
WD7 Ormiston

WD8 route plus part of WD7 (Ormiston and Waipu Caves). Starts 15mins earlier.


WD3 Glenmohr
WD5 One Tree Point

WD3 starts 20mins earlier. WD5 starts 15mins later, assuming that two sections of the route are removed. Otherwise, WD5 runs 40mins later.

WD4 Helmsdale
WD9 One Tree Point

WD4 starts 15mins earlier. WD9 starts 25mins later.

WD1 Brynderwyns
WD6 Oakleigh

WD1 starts at normal time. WD6 starts 20mins later.

route change process

The process for making emergency changes to routes is as follows:

  1. Ian identifies a driver shortage and decides which emergency route plan will be activated.
  2. Ian contacts Greig to advise the activation, Greig updates this page 
  3. Greig sends an email to the Operations group announcing the change. 
  4. Greig sends a text message to affected principals.
  5. School personnel communicate with their community as previously decided.
  6. The change remains in effect until further notice – no further communications will occur until the normal route/s are reactivated.

CHange record

The table below contains a running record of changes to these routes, to assist school staff in identifying changes.

7 Mar
First version of route designs published

Route review underway

Routes to anf from one tree point are presently under review. the maps and times shown here are not final.